About NaZemi

NaZemi, a non-profit and non-governmental organization, is dedicated to developing transformative education, promoting responsible consumption and production, advocating for decent working conditions, and spreading awareness of the degrowth economy. In our Shop, we offer Fairtrade quality products. We organise workshops for teachers on how to develop critical thinking and lead classroom discussions. We offer group facilitation and workshops to schools on climate change and other current issues. We don’t need a boss: our organization is based on trust and collaboration that empowers people to make decisions and helps them meet their needs. We also encourage other collectives to move to a less hierarchical model of organization.

We have been around for over 20 years. In the past, we introduced FairTrade to the Czech Republic and worked on global education. In recent years, we have focused on networking in degrowth movement, developing critical pedagogy, fostering sustainable activism, and leading educational workshops. We are part of a global network of organizations that bring attention to the problem of fast fashion. We want to encourage emancipation, make collective decisions, and give a voice to those who are not often heard.

Our mission

NaZemi strives to ensure a good, dignified, and sustainable life for all by promoting a fair distribution of resources and power. We develop mutual understanding, and imagination and encourage different ways of looking at the world. We promote global education and advocate for decent work across the world.

We see people, nature, and economies as interconnected and interdependent. Our vision is that of a society that not only understands this interconnectedness but also reflects it in its actions; in solidarity, and in recognition of the right to a life of dignity for all. To achieve the long-term sustainability of life on earth, it is necessary to abandon the idea of endless economic growth. What is essential for us is the development of imagination and our strong belief that another world is possible.

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Email us at info@nazemi.cz.